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The English tests application from digischool is the best way to ensure a high score in the TOEIC TOEFL-PBT, IELTS and Cambridge tests. The questions found in the application have been created by professionals and conform to the standards of the different tests. You will have access to numerous full tests containing over 1000 questions.
The test from the TOEIC:- Photographs- Questions / Answers - Conversations- Talks- Incomplete sentences- Text Completion- Reading Comprehension
The tests from the TOEFL-PBT:- Short Conversations- Incomplete Sentences- Error recognition- Short Talks
The tests from the IELTS:- Reading- Listening
To help you to get the the highest possible score, we have created three training modes.
- The category training mode. This mode allows you to target only the sections that you wish to work on (photographs, conversations, talks...)
- The mini-tests training mode. This mode gives you a series of 20 question taken at random from all parts of the test, with the goal of helping you to get used to the different types of questions (MCQ, fill in the blanks, listening...)
- The Practice-test mode. This mode allows you to take a practice test in exam conditions, i.e a 200 question TOEIC lasting 2 hours, a 140 question TOEFL etc... Practice tests containing 50 or 100 questions are also available.
To make the learning fun, there are trophies t be collected throughout your training! Our application will get you ready for the day of the test.